Lipstick - hot pink, berry, rose and bronze - LS
Bittersweet - bark, chocolate, turquoise, bronze and warm gray - BS
Underwater - teal, midnight blue and turquoise - UW
Envy - forest, olive and crabgrass - EN
Black Ice - smoke, black plum and berry - BI
Tapestry - chocolate, bark, smoke and coffee - TP
Eucalyptus - celery, celadon, silver and taupe - EL
Grotto - violet, bright teal and asparagus - GT
Mulberry - mauve, taupe and strawberry - MB
Silver Birch - gray, taupe, pale moss and russet - SB
Blue Agave - Pale Turquoise, Silver and Mineral - BA
Lichen - Pale Chartreuse, Moss and Lime - LI
Spice - Paprika, Cinnabar and India Gold - SP
Firelight - Dark Chocolate, Violet and Cinnabar - FL

Charmeuse - 100% silk, medium weight, high sheen
Embroidered Chiffon - 100% silk chiffon, rayon embroidery, medium weight
Satin Burnout - Silk and rayon satin, sheer ground, patterns vary
Matelasse - 100% silk, double weave, patterns vary
Dupioni - 100% silk Indian dupioni, slubby weave, high sheen
Net Cut Velvet - Silk/rayon, medium weight contemporary "woven" effect
Grass Cut Velvet - Silk/rayon, sheer, grass flowers etched
Velvet - Silk/rayon heavy weight, solid velvet
Chiffon - 100% silk, sheer, slight stretch
Chiffon Seersucker - 100% silk, sheer, rippled texture
Crinkle Ribbon Chiffon - 100% Silk, sheer, crinkle texture
Tapestry - Silk and rayon blend, patterns vary
Leno Lines - 100% silk, crinkle textured Jacquard